These free downloadable handouts are a great classroom tool for the thinking teacher. We ask that you share your name so we can better serve teachers. Then you can download any of the items below.
  • Handouts.pngClassroom Poster with Guiding Questions - Hang this 18" x 24" poster on your wall and watch your students think. The Patterns of Thinking Guiding Questions are legible from across a room, an excellent resource for teachers across grades and content areas.
  • Vertically Articulated Thinking Skills - This chart provides a roadmap for thinking skills throughout students' education. From PreK to PhD, your students learn content knowledge and timeless thinking skills with the Patterns of Thinking Method.
  • ThinkBlocks vs. Sugar Packets - The tool for 21st Century Thinkers is an easy-to-use tactile manipulative. Your students can use ThinkBlocks to build any idea, and this poster shows you how.