This is not something we have encountered as an expressed frustration. Seems to me that repetition is a great thing, not something to be frustrated by--it means that we see the same structures regardless of the topic or discipline and we can therefore not recreate the wheel. I saw this the other day in a training for corporate clients in the health care context. They were having lots of trouble trying to create a mental model for quality control of insurance claim authorization. Long story short, it turned out they were merely developing a teach and assessment model. Its a barbell where the right side is what is being taught (claims authorization) and what's being assessed (quality on X dimensions). The structural model underneath is no different than ANY teaching/assessment model in any arena.
I've actually started to call these type of things "DSRP Molecules" because we start to see these composite structures in all kinds of places in knowledge. The underlying structure remains the same even though the content changes--thus repetition and less need to reinvent the same wheel just because its on a different cart.
external image R%20Molecule.png

For example, this molecule which might be called the "Evaluation feedback barbell molecule". It has the following important structural features:
  • 1:1 correspondence between left and right side of barbell* R is fixed in structure and content. That is, its a two way feedback loop with informs and mirrors as content* left side is what's being done, right side is what's being assessed, measured, etc.