Yo-Yo Ma (cello), John Ferrari and Ayano

An unlikely collaboration between composer (Bruce Adolphe, music) and neuroscientist (Antonio Damasio, lyrics) has created a piece of music which attempts to answer the question: How was consciousness born? The three movement piece is described in-depth with clips, pictures and an interview with the composer in the May 8th edition of The Scientist, and can be found by clicking HERE.

The interview with Adolphe was particularly interesting because all of his answers contained keystone concepts of DSRP. Adolphe described the piece as "...fragmentation coming together". This rang particularly true, because DSRP is the fragmentation of our thoughts coming together. Adolphe also explains the story told by the music as: "The evolution of mind from brain". In other words, the piece expresses an evolution from knowledge (brain) to thinking (mind). Following this progression, it seems that DSRP is the next natural step in the evolution of cognition, which has been illustrated below.

Perhaps we should contact Adolphe and suggest a final movement for his piece titled DSRP?